Buying a Retirement Home in Santa Clarita

Looking For A Retirement Home in Santa Clarita

For those considering buying a retirement home in Santa Clarita, Friendly Valley Country Club is the top choice for you. The resort-style 55+ privately gated community boasts a number of amenities, a central location that offers convenience to the surrounding area, and a number of floor plan options to fit every need. When planning your future retirement, it’s important to take note of some important factors that can impact your future.

1. Location

When buying a retirement home, the location and surrounding areas should be one of the first decisions made. Friendly Valley is located in the highly sought-after area of the Santa Clarita Valley. Whether you care to spend a day shopping, going out with a friend for a bite to eat, taking the grandkids to the cinema, or even traveling out of town, all of these area amenities are easily accessible within a few miles of Friendly Valley. Spend the day at the Westfield Valencia Mall or explore some of Santa Clarita’s beautiful landscape and hiking trails.

As some grow older, the ability to drive becomes difficult and that can cause you to miss out on the adventure, so the community offers transportation to help out those who cannot or simply just don’t want to drive themselves. Santa Clarita is continually growing which means you will find everything you will ever need within close reach. Guests are strongly encouraged at Friendly Valley, so spend your retirement days with those you love and never feel lonely.

2. Budget

When planning for your future retirement, take your budget into serious consideration. Working out a budget ahead of time can save you from the stress of having to rush when the time comes to actually retire. On top of the cost for the home, factor in extra fees such as HOA dues, taxes, and upkeep and compare those to your projected income after retirement, not the income you currently have. While you may think that having a mortgage during retirement may be a bad idea, it could actually work out to be quite the opposite. Map out your finances early to determine whether a down payment with a mortgage may be the right choice for you.

Friendly Valley offers a choice of one-bedroom to three-bedroom floor plans, both with private patios, to fit any budget. Owning a home can also come with upkeep hassles. With Friendly Valley’s HOA services, you can rest easy knowing that your surroundings will be well taken care of.

3. Lifestyle

Retirement doesn’t have to equal boredom. Many people believe that once you are retired, there’s not much left to do. Staying healthy as you get older includes keeping up with the active lifestyle that you were accustomed to in your pre-retirement days. It’s not just the ownership of your forever home that you end up with when settling down in Friendly Valley, but also a large number of amenities that will make buying a retirement home a priceless one. Take part in classes or interest groups that are offered during the week, or get some fitness time in with aerobics and the Olympic sized pool. For those who are avid golfers or who want to pick up the sport, the attached 9-hole executive golf course and 18-hole putt course will give you some relaxing fun in the sun right in your own backyard. Hang out in the golf lounge with your buddies or utilize some of the other outdoor activities such as shuffleboard or picnic areas. You’ll never be bored at Friendly Valley.

4. Planning Ahead

It’s important to avoid making common mistakes when it comes to retirement. Don’t assume that you will be able to work forever, and realize that your current home may not fit your needs as you reach retirement age. Retirement is often the last chapter in our lives, so it should require some considerable thought ahead of time. Planning early and choosing the right location to fit your needs doesn’t have to be a hassle, and you might actually find it to be the most relaxing time of your life, especially if you settle down in a community like Friendly Valley Country Club where life will be like a vacation every day.

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